The Vestry is the body which runs the parish and is responsible for overseeing all matters in the parish, the ministries, the upkeep of the buildings, the management of finances, etc. The Vestry is also responsible for the long-term and short-term policies of the parish. Please think about this and pray about this. Consider whether you might like to offer yourself for election in the coming year.

Our Parish Vestry is made up of:

  • The Clergy
  • The Priest’s Warden (who is appointed by the Rector)
  • The People’s Warden (who is elected every two years)
  • eight (8) elected persons, four (4) persons appointed by the Rector and heads of parish organizations.

Committees of the Vestry

Christian Formation & Education
To teach about God so everyone in the congregation may have knowledge, as well as to assist in spiritual formation in order to know God in an intimate and personal way.

To assist in disseminating information about St. Matthew’s worship services and other events to the surrounding communities through print and electronic media. This includes disseminating information on fundraising and other special events by writing news releases, contacting members of the media, preparing mailings, designing, distributing or posting flyers, signs, or banners on the church premises and in local establishments.

Pastoral Care
To address the concerns and conditions of persons in the congregation so that they may grow in their spiritual lives and become better equipped for life as Christian disciples.

The men and women of the Social Outreach Committee play an important role in the life and ministry of the parish. Everyone can help in this ministry even if they are not members of the committee. You can make financial contributions on a monthly basis through the Social Outreach envelope in your envelope packet or you can make donations of food stuff which can be brought to the church every Sunday and given to members of the Committee. Suggested food items are corned beef, tuna, 2lb bags of rice, 2lb bags of grits, 2lb bags of sugar, tea, tomato paste, cream, soup, soap, toothpaste, baby food, deodorants and pampers.