Baptism is one of the most important and significant occasions on our spiritual journey. It marks the entry into the Christian faith, into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
If seeking baptism at St Matthew’s it is assumed that you already have a connection with this Church, are a parishioner here, or intend to become one.
Through baptism we have been brought into the church, the body of Christ. The whole of our Christian life thereafter should be a living out of our baptism or a living into the “true, full and eternal life in which Jesus Christ unites God and humanity”.
Baptism requires a commitment on the part of adults (in the case of the baptism of infants) that they will answer in the name of their child: You will be asked some very important questions such as “Do you turn to Jesus Christ and accept him as your Saviour?” “Do you put your whole trust in his grace and love?” Are you willing to answer on behalf of your child?  In other words will you accept the responsibility placed upon you in bringing your child for baptism?  By your own prayers and example, by your friendship and love, will you encourage your child in the life and faith of the Christian community?
Although the baptism will take place at St. Matthew’s, an Anglican church, you are not being baptized into a denomination or a building. You are being baptized into Christ; into his death and resurrection, into a living relationship which you must prayerfully seek to live out through your life’s journey. Of course if St. Matthew’s is not your home parish already we warmly invite you to make SMAC your community of faith.
On the question of godparents, we ask that you choose them wisely.  Godparents make the same promises on behalf of the child being baptized as parents. Godparents promise to pray and support the child and to help the parents to bring up the child in the Christian faith. It is an important and responsible role.
We recommend two to four Godparents. Traditionally two have been the same sex as the child and at least one other of the opposite sex. Godparents can be family members or friends. However, it is important that you choose people who will take an interest in your child’s spiritual welfare and who will pray for you and your child. Godparents must themselves be baptized, and should also be confirmed.
The Sacrament of Holy Baptism is performed in the context of the Holy Eucharist and is normally held on the third Sunday of the month unless notified to the contrary in the parish bulletin.
All Parents and Guardians who are interesting in having their children baptized are asked to contact the Rector, Assistant Curate or the parish office for further information.

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